Wearable soccer tracker


Wearable soccer tracker

The name is inspired by the Brazilian style of play. Ginga is all about spending time with the ball so you can master it. Ginga is about the joy that soccer brings to those who play it and those who watch it. Ginga is about the beauty of the game. Ginga is the art of soccer.

Ginga is a blend of joy for the game of soccer with advanced technology and passion. Powered by machine learning AI algorithms, innovative hi-performance wearable electronics and a digital ecosystem of mobile and cloud applications; Ginga brings soccer analytics to the players of all levels. Its focus is on the game, which is the fun part of the sport. Measuring every movement and instant of each session. Providing specific and accurate metrics to monitor technical or physical performance. Producing benchmarks and statistics to log and gauge results versus personal targets and progress. It does it all.

GINGA is for
the enthusiast player.

It tracks your game, provides insights on your training, monitors your performance, and that of your team.

GINGA is for the fun of it.

It’s a powerful, tiny piece of modern technology connecting a digital community of players at all levels and categories.

Ginga Sensor + Ginga app + IoT Cloud

The application communicates with the hardware device to collect data and visualize it to the user. The mobile app is supported by a Cloud server architecture for long terms storage, processing of data/users aggregation metrics and interaction with the rest of the community.

Hardware Specifications
Form factor22 L ×22 W ×5.85 H mm - 2 gr. (board dimensions)
29.05 L ×30.9 W ×16.5 H mm – 10 gr. (incl. case and battery)
ArchitectureArm® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU, MPU and DSP
Memories1 Gbit flash (data dedicated)
1 Mbyte flash (program dedicated)
256 kbyte RAM

Get in touch with us, send an email to hello@gingatracker.com

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